PHOTO ESSAY Zubin Cooper- Cannes Man

Liberian documentary maker Zubin Cooper has wrapped up his first Cannes Film Festival appearance, having starred in ‘The Last Face’, a movie that spans four countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and South Africa. Having joined the project as an advisor, Zubin ended up making his acting debut in the role of ‘Dr. Mousa. /Zubin Cooper at the Cannes. He killed this beautiful gray stripped dakashi shirt. Classic, a

Afcons 2016 Preview Liberia Vs. Togo

By Wleh Bedell Liberia and Togo find themselves in a must win situation in what should be an intriguing fixture in the Gabon 2017 African Cup of Nations Qualifier on Sunday, June 5, 2016. With the Lone Stars in the pole position in Group one with 9 points from four games while their Sunday’s opponents having 2 points less from the same number of games, this fixture is certainly expected

Corruption has destroyed Liberia

By: TQ Harris Ms Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s first female President, has been forced to step down temporarily to defend herself against allegations of corruption in her government. By law, she has 180 days to prove her innocence or vacate the Presidency. Tensions in the country are high as tens of thousands Brazilians have taken to the streets. However, this has had no effect on the impeachment process, as members of

Govt  mortgaging the future of Liberia

  By Nathaniel Barnes   REACTION OF AMBASSADOR M. NATHANIEL BARNES TO THE INVESTIGATIVE REPORT OF GLOBAL WITNESS Global Witness, an internationally renowned and reputable “Watchdog” organization recently released a comprehensive investigative report entitled “The Deceivers” which can, at best, be described as a provocative and damning account of corruption within the rank and file of our government. The findings and allegations of this investigative report have pushed my trust of

Liberia students benefit from Savice Foundation

The Emmanuel Savice Scholarship Foundation continue to make progress as it brings relief to hundreds of students and community dwellers in Liberia, according to a release from the foundation. “We are glad that we are helping our people, it is overwhelming, it is hard work, I must say because the challenges are daunting, our people need help,” said Emmanuel who is currently visiting Liberia with his wife. The foundation has

PHOTO ESSAY: Speaker Alex Tyler

The recent Global Witness damning report on Liberia has raised the stakes as the 2017 presidential and legislative election looms. Caught in this dragnet is a presidential candidate and Liberia’s third most powerful politician Alex Tyler who is the speaker of the Honorable House of Representatives. But who is Alex Tyler?—Alex Tyler, 52, was born on December 15, 1963 in Klay District, Bomi County Liberia, and belonged to the Unity

Fonati Koffa Embezzlement: “He did it for Liberia”

  By Theodore Hodge   The case of Counselor Jonathan Fonati Koffa (in 2006  took  another turn, as he was barred  for dishonorable behavior for practicing law in the United States). Was it for better or worse? Well, that depends on one’s vantage point. I venture to say that Koffa did get a good deal and here’s why: It was reported that Jonathan Koffa had pled guilty to four federal

Thieves Parade the streets

  By John H.T. Stewart Liberia is indeed an interesting place especially Monrovia where hustlers, con men and women, pimps and thieves parade the streets and flaunt their ill gotten wealth with no fear or sense of remorse. About mid afternoon yesterday, normally a slow day like most Sundays, the sound of blaring sirens filled the air. Well I said to myself, President Sirleaf must be on her way home

Presidential aspirant caught in corruption dragnet

Global Witness Press Release London-A Global Witness exposé released today has uncovered over US$950,000 in bribes and other suspicious payments by UK mining firm Sable Mining and its Liberian lawyer, Varney Sherman. Responding to Global Witness’ findings, the government has pledged to investigate and hold those culpable to account. The report, The Deceivers (1), shows how in 2010 Sable hired Varney Sherman, Liberia’s best-connected lawyer and current Chairman of President

11 Questions: Aletha Campbell, Movie Producer

Campbell is a Liberian film maker currently residing in the United States of America. Her passion for movies and filmmaking led her to the recent debut production of “Somewhere In Baltimore.” The movie has been an instant sensation with critics and premiere viewers, having seen successful premiers in Philadelphia, Minnesota, and other cities in the US. It is set to tour Western Africa soon:  June and July of this year.