Welcome to Politics Again Weah

The Editor, Senator Weah is seeking (again) to be put in charge of the Liberian government, but does anyone, including our uninformed voters, know or care about his track record in government? Don’t scratch your head, I’m here to refresh your memory! Weah’s track record in government has been an unmitigated disaster!  (Re “Welcome to Politics Again Weah…”) Right now, Weah is a sitting Senator from Montserrado County.  Before becoming

Erosion: Is The Government Insensitive?

By Atty Philip N. Wesseh (PNW) There have been incessant reports in the media about how erosion has been causing havoc in some parts of the country, especially Montserrado County. Noticeably some of the areas in Montserrado County that have been highly hit are New Kru Town and the densely populated Township of West Point. In recent time, these two areas have continued to feel the pinch of the effect

Liberia to print new bank notes 55mil

The Editor, The decision to print more money represents a clear and present danger to the Liberian economy and its people! (Re- “House Approve Printing of Additional Money”- Daily Observer:) When a government prints more money without a corresponding increase in its economic output, it unleashes hyperinflation And correspondingly hyperinflation debases your currency!Here’s a MEMO to economically glib Liberian Lawmakers:  We all know that you [Senators and Representatives] think money grows on trees

The Duncan-Jones Feud

  By Atty Philip N. Wesseh (PNW) Is The Duncan-Jones Scenario Something Strange About Sinoe Leaders? For sometimes now, the airwaves have been fraught with reports and newspapers replete with stories about how Mr. Crayton Duncan, a confidant of the former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Dr. Mills Jones pledged support to the candidacy of Vice President Joseph Boakai in Sinoe recently. More noticeably, Mr. Duncan

Liberia: Is George Weah Ready to be President?

  Hawa Wesseh This week, news emerged that Senator George Manneh Oppong Weah, the former world footballer who used his feet to accomplish wonders in the European league, thus becoming world best player in 1995 – a fame he would also use to launch his political career – ranked as one of the worst performing senators in terms of plenary participation. The news is a setback for a country in

Gambia: Worst dictatorship you’ve never heard of

By: Jeffrey Smith Since taking power in a bloodless coup in 1994, Yahya Jammeh has presided over the worst dictatorship you’ve never heard of. The eccentric Gambian president, who performs ritual exorcisms and claims to heal everything from AIDS to infertility with herbal remedies, rules his tiny West African nation through a mix of superstition and fear. State-sanctioned torture, enforced disappearances and arbitrary executions — these are just a few

SIX QUOTES: Verbatim

1. “The provision of basic education, free of cost, is not only a core obligation of states but also a moral imperative…privatization cripples the notion of education as a universal human right and — by aggravating marginalization and exclusion — runs counter to the fundamental principles of human rights law. It creates social inequity.” —Kishore Singh, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education criticizing Liberia’s Education Minister George

How George Weah and Tweah destroyed the CDC

By; Paul Jackson Is it more than just a coincidence that only the letter “T” separates the name “Tweah” from “Weah”, or is there something more sinister to this political ‘bromance’ between these two CDC stalwarts? It seems like the CDC, through some of its powerful members have begun outsourcing its political conscience to the misdirection and gross misrule of President Sirleaf-The Liberia people absolutely have nothing against two powerful

Liberia: Alex Tyler's Naked Ambition

Hawa Wesseh Having served as house speaker for almost a decade, Alex J. Tyler resigned from the ruling Unity Party [UP],  recently, perhaps sensing the party has spent it political capital with Pres. Johnson Sirleaf calling the shots since 2005, or sensing he will not get his party nomination. But whatever recognized public perception there might be, with the ruling UP running up to 2017, there is no way Alex

Sinoe Leaders, Put Your Act Together!

By Philip N. Wesseh (PNW) I always said that I am one Liberian with consanguineous relationships with people from many counties. One of such county is Sinoe, one of the original counties of this country. My aunt, a retired police officer Maj. Elizabeth Blaye, who reared me, is a member of the Karboh ethnic group of that county, and so, besides being a Liberian, I have a stake in that county, likewise with Grand Bassa