Liberty Party Slams Liberia Revenue Authority

The Editor Is the Liberian Government serious about helping the little guy?  if so, then why are they suffocating small businesses with their stupid regulations and red tape?  (Re “Liberty Party Slams Liberia Revenue Authority Over Tax Protest At Freeport”) Recently, the small business killers (Liberia Revenue Authority aka LRA) decided to impose additional regulations to crack down on fake invoices and under-valuation on imported commodities.  But these new regulations

Liberian Assembly Building, Capitol Hill Monrovia

The Editor,   Denying rumors of bribery, Rep. Matenokay Tingban [aka Chump Change Tingban] says the bribery accusation is false and misleading. He describe it as “blackmail”. (Re “Liberian Lawmakers Dispel Hummingbird U.S$1.5 Bribery”) Yeah right…  But do you believe anything these born rogues tell you? Please. Bribery is their M.O (modus operandi)! Even my Happy Corner people have more creditability than Chump Change Tingban! Crooks, liars and thieves (born rogues) earned their

C. C. Dennis and April 22 1980

by John Weghorst The Executions of April 22, 1980 in Monrovia, Liberia: Who is Charles Cecil Dennis, Jr.? Born 1931, Montserrado County, Liberia Died April 22, 1980, Barclay Beach, Monrovia, Liberia: Mr. Charles “Cecil” Dennis was a well known and well respected Liberian political figure who was American educated and who served as Secretary of State/Minister of Foreign Affairs under President William Tolbert from 1973 until the coup d’état by Samuel Doe on April

"Made In Liberia," No One Would Buy

By Kuluba Mucolor I always say: Don’t let PRIDE and PREJUDICE make you go broke. Explore NEW things and places, sometimes in your back…yard! Vacation in your town or city or give a small business the chance to show or test new ideas, products or merchandise. I took that chance in Monrovia one day. A street seller was passing by carrying a stack of slippers that looked colorful and attractive.

ames verdier lacc liberia

The Editor What’s the point of having an anti-corruption commission (LACC) that   pretends to be doing something about corruption, but they’re actually doing NOTHING?  Doing nothing has been very, very expensive for the poor Liberian taxpayers!  According to estimates, since its inception (2008), US$15 million of our tax dollars have been spent funding LACC operations, but they’ve only prosecuted 2 cases successfully (convictions).  Yes, just two convictions. That’s US$7.5 million

Liberia Deja vu all over Again: FLOODS

By Paul Jackson Deja vu All Over Again: Flood Waters Versus an Unprepared Nation and A Nonexistent National Emergency Management Framework. The situation unfolding in Liberia with the flood water in the Harbel area sheds light on the fact that our political leadership is very averse to the concept of risk management….Right now, we have an emergency humanitarian crisis that is going to cascade into even bigger problems(internal displacement, cessation

Liberia At Crossroads: Election 2017

  By John H.T. Stewart Presidential and Legislative elections are due in a little less than 2 years from now. But before then the United Nations Peace Keeping Force would have fully completed its drawdown of troops leaving security entirely in the hands of the country’s security forces. Already, Liberians are filled with apprehension and doubt about the capability of our national security forces to assume this all important national

As UNMIL Departs release findings on Greaves death

It wasn’t long ago that Harry A. Graves Jr.  died mysteriously on a beach in Monrovia, with the Liberian Government promising to see the end of the case based on investigations it said it was conducting, yet today, it is yet to release any finding nor tell a restless nation, if any outcomes from its probe has been derived, since since the former politician was laid to rest on March

Alex Cummings “I tell people I’m a Liberian”

By P-Nimley Sie Tuon Some of those who denounced their Liberian citizenship have this twisted and incoherent defense that seems to run counter to simple legal reasoning..They always say “a Liberian is always a Liberian” without backing it up with any legal doctrine. The title or label called “Liberian” is not inherent, in other words, it is not in anyone’s genes or DNA. The title “Liberian” is conferred on an

Glongloe lectures Liberia's oldest Political party[TWP]

By Tiawan S. Gongloe Before proceeding any further, may I beg your indulgence to bow with me for a moment of silence in memory of all Liberians who have died for political reasons, since the independence of this country? They are President Edward James Roye, those chiefs and tribesmen killed for resisting the extension of governance to the rural parts of Liberia, S. David Coleman and his son, D. Twe,