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No need for Liberia anti-corruption commission

The Editor

What’s the point of having an anti-corruption commission (LACC) that   pretends to be doing something about corruption, but they’re actually doing NOTHING?  Doing nothing has been very, very expensive for the poor Liberian taxpayers!  According to estimates, since its inception (2008), US$15 million of our tax dollars have been spent funding LACC operations, but they’ve only prosecuted 2 cases successfully (convictions).  Yes, just two convictions. That’s US$7.5 million per conviction!

Based on such results, how can you continue to justify the existence of LACC? They’re a money-wasting bureaucracy, for crying out loud! For fiscal 2015/2016, LACC spent US$3 million of our tax dollars to prosecute acts of corruption, but they’re 0 for 13! In other words, they tried to prosecute 13 former government officials, including T. Nelson Williams II, managing director of the Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation ; Clemenceau Urey, former board chair of the National Oil Company of Liberia; Miatta Beysolow, former Minister of Commerce, etc, BUT all the charges against them were either dismissed or dropped by the courts!  (Re “LACC Chair Blasts Courts For Not Supporting Corruption Fight”) Yes, Chairman Jimmy Zero, the courts have a part to play in the corruption food fight because they (courts) have jurisdiction over these cases.

But are the courts required to “support” your (LACC) and its incompetence?

Hell no!

So, stop throwing temper tantrums! Under our Constitution, everyone is presumed innocent in the eyes of the court and is entitled to due process, even if they are born rogues! But we all know the born rogues in our government have lots and lots of loot to buy judges. Any time you hear a judge telling a defendant to “fart, let me smell it”, you know that judge is damn corrupt!

According to a U.S State Department report, “the Liberian Judiciary is the weak link in the corruption food fight. Some Judges request bribes to try cases, release detainees from prison, or find defendants not guilty in criminal cases.”  (Re “Liberia 2010 & 2014 Human Right Report”)

So it’s hard to tell whether the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) is losing its corruption cases because of its incompetence or corrupt judges. It could be both incompetence and corrupt judges, who knows what.  But any way you cut it, LACC’s track record on prosecuting public corruption is near zero! (.000000000000000000000002 percent. Which raises the question: What’s the point of having anti-corruption commission (LACC) when the born rogues are bankrupting our country, and you see nobody behind bars ? LACC is a useless bureaucracy, and it’s time abolish it.  Um, anyone disagree?? Oh wait, James Verdier says LACC will not be “deterred”! (Re “…Chairman Verdier Says LACC Not Deterred”, Daily Observer Online)


Please stand and sing along with me:


♫Hey, hey, Jimmy Verdier is Johnny zero! ♪

♪ He’s a zero, and not a hero!♫♫

♪ So you need fire his bunkah tomorrow!♫


Um, anyone disagree?

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia