Liberia Deja vu all over Again: FLOODS

By Paul Jackson

Deja vu All Over Again: Flood Waters Versus an Unprepared Nation and A Nonexistent National Emergency Management Framework.

The situation unfolding in Liberia with the flood water in the Harbel area sheds light on the fact that our political leadership is very averse to the concept of risk management….Right now, we have an emergency humanitarian crisis that is going to cascade into even bigger problems(internal displacement, cessation of economic activities, human mortality, and the list goes on). In order to act more robustly during an emergency crisis, you need not only resources,but women and men who are trained and understand how to navigate from the preparation to the recovery phase of a disaster.

How in the heck are we going to have an adequate response when there is a complete failure of imagination and the foresight to anticipate and better prepare and plan for emergencies. You would think Ebola thought us some sense, RIGHT?!

It wouldn’t be fair for anyone to blame the government for its inability to employ magical means to stop what is happening around the airport and in Marshall and Harbel, but the citizens have all right to blame this government, opposition lawmakers included, for failure of imagination and initiative. Right now, none of them in high places know exactly what to do or who will be in charge and how to mitigate the situation so it doesn’t evolve into a complex emergency….

Ebola didn’t teach us anything, we are going to be stuck on stupid for a long time!