Will Speaker Tyler Do the Right Thing?

The  Editor,
Do you think you will ever see “cold water” lawmakers punish  Speaker Tyler for lining his pockets? Please.. Only in your dreams will you see  Alex Tyler being reprimanded, removed, or in handcuffs for taking bribes!
Because 99.99999999 percent of our lawmakers are ethically challenged. On top of that, corrupt politicians in Liberia are rarely punished for lining their pockets,
So why would you expect an ethically challenged lawmaker to punish an ethically challenged Speaker?! It ain’t gonna happen. Birds of the same feather flock together.
The Liberian Constitution, (Article 38 and 49) gives the House power to discipline its members and expel the Speaker by a two-thirds vote.
In 2007, Rep Snowe was removed from his position as Speaker following a vote of no confidence taken by House members,  A few days later, then-Speaker Snowe was reinstated by the Supreme Court, but he resigned to take a medical leave because he was diagnosed with STD (Stealing Tax Dollars)!
Although then-Speaker Snowe resigned for medical reasons, his subsequent resignation was preceded by a vote of no confidence by the House because of a grand jury indictment for corruption.
Today, that same House has refused to call for a vote of no confidence against the current speaker (Alex Tyler), who has been indicted for corruption in the Global Witness Scandal.
Sadly, the odds of you seeing a corrupt public servant like Speaker Tyler being reprimanded, or removed (how about using a forklift to remove  him from the Speaker’s chair?)  or in handcuffs is nil to none, zero, nyet!
Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia