J. Fonati Koffa is a convicted Felon

The Editor,
Does the nomination of J. Felonati Koffa, as Minister of State Without Portfolio, pass the smell test? No, it doesn’t.  Why? Because J. Fonati is a convicted felon! (Re” President Sirleaf Names New Justice Minister, Others”)
Look. Since the President refuse to vet her sleazy friend (Cllr. J. Fonati), let me do it for her—okaay?:According to the News & Observer (a daily newspaper in North Carolina), Counselor Jonathan Fonati Koffa is a convicted felon! He pleaded guilty to “four federal charges related to suspected embezzlement of U$500,000”!
1)    A couple from Canada claimed they paid Cllr. Koffa $10,000 for visa, and they are still waiting for the visa!

2)    Wilbert O’Neal of Zebulon, NC claimed that he paid Koffa $5,000 to represent him in a personal injury case.  After receiving the money (US$5,000), Koffa changed the ring tone on his phone and had his number unlisted!

3)    Betty J. Strickland, owner of Triangle East Homes, claimed that Koffa was wired US$72,727.00 as part of a closing on deal for a manufactured house. After that, he (Koffa) closed his bank account and then wrote a bad check for that amount, according to the police report!

4)    Counselor J. Fonati claimed that he was first Kru man to be born in Chicago, and that his second marriage was actually his first!!Why?  Because the first one was a fraud (for green card), so it doesn’t count!! No, no,no, wait..those assertions were “mental errors” made by Cllr! Felonati, according to the police report!

After Cllr. J.  Felonati Koffa was convicted of felony in North Carolina,  he went to Liberia and hooked up with an administration insider, Medina Wesseh, a political crony of the President, who is guided chiefly by her self interest, and is well known for using her connection to the presidency to line her pocketbook!

And guess what? In 2013, the sultans (Medina and J. Felonati) opened an international lobbying firm aka The International Law Group, and got their friend, the President to speak at the grand opening!  (Re: “Submit to International Standard’, Sirleaf Declares as Law Group Debuts..”FPA)

Yeah right….Ok, look. Nobody is stopping the President from supporting her sleazy friends, but we the people, through our elected representatives (senators)  must stop her from bringing them into our government!

Tell your cold-water senators to use their “advise and consent ” power to reject J. Felonati Koffa nomination!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

Editor’s note: Mr. Koffa was confirmded by the Liberian Senate, and now works in the President’s office as Minister of State Without Portfolio. Minister Koffa is now tasked with investigating the Global Witness damning report that recently indicted Liberia for corruption. culled from www.newliberian.com

Photo: www.frontpageafricaonline