Liberia students benefit from Savice Foundation

The Emmanuel Savice Scholarship Foundation continue to make progress as it brings relief to hundreds of students and community dwellers in Liberia, according to a release from the foundation. “We are glad that we are helping our people, it is overwhelming, it is hard work, I must say because the challenges are daunting, our people need help,” said Emmanuel who is currently visiting Liberia with his wife.

The foundation has incorporated about 50 pupils into its “academic excellence program which now totaled up to 360 students that are direct beneficiaries of the foundation’s platform in Liberia,” said Ms. Sophia Bulleh Savice.  Scholarships primarily have been awarded to students at the Darquee Town Elementary and Junior High School in the Battery Factory Community. The foundation says there are plans to expand its activities beyond Monrovia in the foreseeable future, but that its activities are mainly centered in and around Monrovia, Liberia’s capital.

Savice Foundation has helped hundreds of needy Liberian students

Savice Foundation has helped hundreds of needy Liberian students

Ms. Sophia Savice who is also on a visit to the country with her husband has said while the challenges are daunting, the foundation was pleased that it was lending a helping hand to Liberian children and students that are beneficiaries. “It brings joy to my heart to be in the position to help the less fortunate,” she said. About two years ago Sophia led another mission to her native Liberia in the foundation’s behalf to distribute scholarships, school uniforms and books, while giving out other needed items and especially in the Gardnerville area where they both grew up.

With education in dire straits in post war reconstruction Liberia, the Savice foundation has made education a primary platform in its drive to help the needy, the release concluded.