Welcome to Politics Again Weah

The Editor,

Senator Weah is seeking (again) to be put in charge of the Liberian government, but does anyone, including our uninformed voters, know or care about his track record in government?

Don’t scratch your head, I’m here to refresh your memory! Weah’s track record in government has been an unmitigated disaster!  (Re “Welcome to Politics Again Weah…”)

Right now, Weah is a sitting Senator from Montserrado County.  Before becoming a senator, Weah headed Liberia’s Reconciliation Commission.

In fiscal year 2012/2013, US$5 million was appropriated to Reconciliation Commission for “peace and reconciliation”.

In the next fiscal year (2013/2014), another US$2 million was appropriated (see page 5 of the APPROVED National Budget for 2012/2013!)

Unless you’re blind as a bat, the rest of us saw how Weah spent 7 million of our tax  dollars like a drunken sailor:

First, Mr. Weah went of his self-described “listening tour” to display his Footballer of Year trophy to Liberian citizens in Voinjama and other rural parts of the country.

Then he invited African footballers footballers (Roger Miller, Okocha, Fallon, etc) to a cocktail party, oops, I mean, to play in a “peace match” at SKD stadium.  After the game, the Club Beer started flowing, non-stop!

As a sitting Senator, Weah has one of the worst absentee records. He hardly shows up for work, but he travels frequently to Europe to watch football games.

When asked about his absentee record, Weah says “his work is not limited to the senate (Capitol Building).  He has to travel (abroad) to serve his county and the Liberian people”..(Re “Weah Downplays Debate Over Senate Awol’, Daily Observer.)

But Weah has yet to tell us how his foreign trips benefited the Liberian people!

We can only hope that our uninformed voters will use their common sense and look at Weah’s track record before voting in 2017. Seems like George Weah is Samuel Doe 2.0!

Martin Scott,

Atlanta, Georgia