Liberia: Boy 5 Needs Urgent Help



By Varney K. Sirleaf

A five-year old boy named Steven Patricks is in need of urgent help for an advance medical treatment abroad. “Little Patricks has been suffering from a deadly skin disease since his childhood and the situation is now worsening, and if nothing is done to improve his condition, then it seems only the Lord we will look up to,” his Uncle, Mr. Augustine Y. Vallai lamented.

Mr. Vallai further stated that little Patricks is not attending school because of his health condition which can’t permit him to go among his friends. He stressed that if nothing is done to urgently help rescue this boy from this strange skin disease it could take over his entire body as it is doing now and could also lead him to early death or long time agony.

Mr. Vallai said they have taken the boy to almost all of the major hospitals in the country, but he is yet to be diagnosed of what is happening to him by doctors. “Anytime his skin becomes itchy, he scratches the affected area and when he scratched the spot, it turns to blazer and later becomes black, solid and rough,” Mr. Vallai explained.

He explained that the boy’s palms and feet are very rough with thick black spots something he said anyone who sees will feel very disgusted about the boy. Mr. Vallai is therefore calling on philanthropic individuals, officials of government and other humanitarians to intervene in assisting to save this young child’s life. He said the boy’s parents who are residents of Duport Road are poor, adding that they also equally share the agony the boy is going through.

Mr. Augustine Y. Vallai concluded by appealing to the general public to come to the aid of the little child, because according to him he is a Liberian citizen. Anyone who wants to contribute should contact the following cell numbers: 231-0886516533, 0777516533, 0886969355 and 0770969355.

File photo:  /skin disease