3 Arrested For Cross-Border Crime In Liberia

By M. Welemongai Ciapha, II

Police in Monrovia have arrested and charged three persons with auto theft, criminal facilitation and theft of property for their alleged involvement in stealing a white Nissan Patrol Jeep from Liberia and sold it in Conakry, Guinea for US$17,000.00. Police identified the three accused as Baba Dolley, Daniel Mulbah and Abdullah, who reportedly sold the vehicle from a company named as Caterpillar Motoren.

The cost price of the Nissan Patrol Jeep, according to a police charge sheet, is US$67, 000. The accused were taken to court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia yesterday, where they were formally arraigned before the court. Details of the offense contained in the charge sheet revealed that the complainant Joseph Jackson, field supervisor of Caterpillar Motoren Company (CPC), told the investigators that on January 26, 2016, defendant Mulbah allegedly stole the company’s vehicle marked with license plate number BC- 01259 and carried it to Harper, Maryland County. Few days later, according to complainant Jackson, he managed to contact the defendant, Mulbah, who informed him that he was in Maryland County, but the car was involved in an accident.

Jackson told the police that upon receipt of the information, he immediately informed the company’s boss man, Theo Joseph, who later informed defendant Mulbah to return to Monrovia as he (Theo) would arrange for another car to help transport the accident vehicle from Maryland to Monrovia. According to the police, defendant Mulbah later appeared at the Broad Street office, where the arrangement was made, but he escaped and was arrested on March 24, 2016. Police said during an investigation conducted with defendant Mulbah on February 26, 2016, he narrated that he took away his assigned vehicle from the office and drove it to Maryland County.

He further told the police that because the trip was his personal one, upon his return, he went to a nearby clinic to get medical treatment. Defendant Mulbah further narrated that in January, 2016 one of his friends identified as Jarpah contacted him and told him that someone in Guinea wanted to buy his assigned vehicle for US$38, 000. He added that upon reaching Guinea, Jarpah was only able to receive US$17, 000.00 from the US$67,000 Nissan Patrol Jeep.

LNP chief, Massaquoi  /www.insight.com.lr