Ellen Breaks Ground For Road Project In Gbapolu

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

In continuation of her developmental initiatives throughout the country, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has broken ground for the construction of another road project in Gbapolu County. The Liberian leader broke ground for the construction of a road from Morlakwelleh Town in Bokomu District to Palakwelleh Town in Guo Nwolaila District at a brief ceremony held in Morlalwelleh, Gbapolu County. The ground-breaking ceremony was held over the weekend in the western county of Liberia during her visit to the county. President Sirleaf and her entourage briefly met with county officials including Senate Pro-tempore, Amah Zulu Jallah.

The President and her entourage who arrived for the ceremony at 6:46 P.M. expressed delight over her visit to the county following her historic visit to Belle Yalla in 2010. President Sirleaf is credited for being the only Liberian leader to open the Belle Yalla Road. Madam Sirleaf said, “As I traveled along the road and saw all the towns and people I met in 2010, I can’t pass by them but have to meet with them, talk to them and I even saw the children in uniforms something I’m very proud of. I really wanted to see Goma Hill that’s why I came. I have seen the condition of Goma Hill; it is a tough hill but we went through it,” President Sirleaf said.

She stated further that considering the condition of the Goma Hill, she will ensure that the Public Works Ministry do something about it as the rainly season fast approaches. “I told Pro-tempore that I wanted to go back to Belle Yalla. What we did when we opened the road and the excitement of the people to have seen vehicles for the first time in their lives brings joy to my heart,” the Liberian leader in happy mood told the jubilant crowd.

President Sirleaf described Belle Yalla as a symbol of moving from difficulties to prosperity and from repression to freedom. “Next season Belle Yalla will see me again,” Madam Sirleaf assured. Earlier, Sen. Pro-tempore, Amah Jallah said the citizens of Gbapolu were not surprised of the President’s visit as she continues to act in the public’s interest. The Gbapolu lawmaker said that the construction of roads in the county including the Belle Yalla Road is a manifestation of the President’s unflinching ego to seek and secure the interest of Liberians.  “What the Gbapolu Caucus can say is that we stand by you to ensure the work you have begun for the Liberian people to succeed,” Sen. Jallah stated.

The President and entourage were given a rousing welcome amidst cheers from a mammoth of crowd that influxed in from all of the surrounding towns and villages including students who turned out to welcome her at the ground-breaking ceremony. One of the challenging areas on the road was the Goma   Hill where the presidential convoy spent hours to ascend the hill while returning to Monrovia.  Madam Sirleaf waited patiently for all of the vehicles in the convoy to make it up the hill before retiring on her farm by 1:38 A.M., Saturday morning.

File photo: Pres. Sirleaf




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