Monrovia: Over US$19,000 Stolen From Int’l Bank

By M. Welemongai Ciapha, II

Police yesterday forwarded three persons to the Monrovia City Court at theemple of Justice for allegedly stealing the amount of US$19,450.00 fromthe Harbel Branch of the International Bank (IB) in Firestone, MargibiCounty. Criminal investigators identified the defendants as Ricks Wilson, LeroyJohnson, Walacious Kaba, Emmanuel Dixon /Gibson and Melvina Weah.

Police who have already charged the suspects with theft of property, forgery, criminal conspiracy and criminal facilitation said they met and subsequently executed a criminal withdrawal of the US$19,450 through a check number #0599957 on Thursday, December 17, 2015. Police disclosed that the check was allegedly stolen from the Tabitha Renaissance Groups of Companies (TRGC), located in Firestone. Details of the police charge sheet confirmed that defendants Leroy Johnson and Walacious Kaba allegedly visited the Sophie’s residence of defendant Melvina Weah and convinced her that a friend, (not named) sent them US$10,000 through one of their sisters named as Ruth Coker Collins. The investigation established that defendants Kaba and Johnson pleaded with Melvina to assist them in facilitating the withdrawal and she was to be compensated with the amount of US$6,000.

The police said that defendants Kaba and Johnson allegedly prepared a fake driving license bearing the name of Benjamin Madison, which according to the investigation was used by one James Dawolo, alias Bill in executing the US$19,450 criminal withdrawal from the bank. The investigation concluded that defendant Melvina Weah allegedly presented an Identification Card (ID) bearing the name of Ruth Coker Collins, the account holder of Tabitha Groups of Companies to criminally retrieve the account holder, Cellcom GSM number #0777102223 which she used to answer, and confirmed the payment of the US$19,450 to suspect Weah.