Sinoe Crisis Hampers Hearings

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy
The chairperson on the Senate’s Internal Affairs Committee, Thomas Grupee, says there will be no further confirmation hearings of any Presidential nominee forwarded to his committee until the issue of the Sinoe County Superintendent-designate reaches its full conclusion. The Nimba County Senator who exhibited a more composed posture yesterday made the remarks when the plenary received more names of presidential nominees and agreed to forward same for confirmation hearings before the relevant committees which included his committee on International Affairs.
Since the appointment of the Superintendent-designate of Sinoe County, Prosperous Brown, there have been several bottlenecks despite efforts by the committee to complete the process as it is done for other Presidential nominees. Senator Grupee who could not keep it any longer as secret, blamed it squarely on Senator Milton Teahjay’s refusal to provide information to the committee as one of the aspects that is placing a hold on the completion of the process and the President Pro-Tempore Armah Jallah’s action in session last Thursday crowned the entire allegation made by the Committee Chairperson on Internal Affairs.
Senator Grupee, as chairperson on that committee has been complaining that the delay is caused by his colleague, Senator Teahjay, who had requested since some two months ago that the process be halted until he consults his kinsmen, up until present, has failed to provide the information to allow the Committee perform the task given it.
 Most times, committees are given at most two weeks to carry out confirmation hearings and report to plenary for action but this nominee’s confirmation hearing has a hold placed on it because of the continuous wrangling between local county authorities of Sinoe County and the plenary’s contribution is to play deaf ears. Senator Grupee’s allegation might not be far-fetched as it was glaring last Thursday by the action of Pro-Tempore Jallah, presiding over the plenary session when he openly rejected the Grupee-committee report on the Sinoe County Superintendent-designate on grounds that the report was not conclusive.
The Pro-tempore’s decision as presiding officer prompted a rather harsh response from Senator Grupee who reminded that body that his committee was not ‘stupid’ blasting, “This is nonsense and I will not take such thing.”
Senator Teahjay has been telling local radio stations that it was time that a superintendent be nominated from th Jedepo District because that position has already been occupied by the Kru and Sarpo tribes. Whether it is the right forum Senator Teahjay is using to channel his information to the public because he too finds it hard to convince the committee for which he is assumingly buying sentiments from his kinsmen, those are issues that are deepening in the county and that has reached the Liberian Senate where decisions are made based on majority votes of legislators; be it by uninformed majority or informed majority.
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