Mulbah Retains SWAL Presidency

Mulbah Retains SWAL Presidency

Staff Report
Inquirer’s Sports Editor, Roland M. Mulbah, has retained the presidency of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL). Mr. Mulbah, who is the incumbent president of the association, won unopposed yesterday collecting 26 votes out of the 56 registered members. Moses K. Garzaewu also retained his position as Vice President collecting 26 votes, while Kolubah B.K. Zayzay did same for the position of Secretary General with 26 votes.
Julius N. Konton, who previously contested SWAL election and lost to Kolubah for the position of secretary General, won as Financial Secretary with 26 votes, while Success Abu Minor won the position of Chaplain collecting 25 votes. The election was conducted under a free, fair and transparent atmosphere with several observers including the Press Union of Liberia (PUL).

According to the new SWAL constitution, the newly elected leadership will serve for three years instead of the previous two years. In an interview shortly after the election, President Mulbah said he hopes to continue with his platform in taking SWAL to another level.The President said vibrant leadership, members’ welfare, sound advocacy, equal opportunity, capacity building and accountability will be the order of the day.He was also quick to note that he will bring about reconciliation since in fact election sometimes brings about hard feelings.

“After another election, I first want to thank all members of the association for adhering to their constitutional responsibility in exercising their franchise where we have been ushered in to serve for a three-year period.
After such historic exercise, the need to be more focused, committed and united must be stressed as there were no losers but all winners in these elections and there are as well no opponents or enemies, but all one people united in achieving one common objective in taking SWAL to another level,” Mulbah noted.

Mulbah said through vibrant leadership, he hopes to work with everyone without creating any class system. “We will be tolerant, welcome criticisms and pieces of advice and also ensure that the reputation and integrity of this noble organization are maintained or even taking a step further.On the issue of members’ welfare, Mulbah said, “We can assure you that we will be a leader for all as there would be no segregation or preferential treatment. It will be a one for all and all for one policy and we will all form a crack team in moving forward,” he noted.

The President said the leadership will incept a sound advocacy program for all of SWAL members.
Mulbah, who has served SWAL from Assistant Secretary General, further said, “There will also be equal opportunity for all as we would not encourage a selected few to continuously benefit while the others go in abject struggle.”
He said the training of SWAL members will be continuously highlighted as capacity building will be a key factor.
“We will encourage veterans in sports writing or journalism, experts and other renowned personalities to tutor and provide training for all of us which will further enhance our work. And, of course there will be accountability. We pray that we will give account of everything as it relates to SWAL and we will always be accountable to you,” Mulbah concluded.