Market women Disappointed In Gov’t

By Antoinette Sendolo

Ahead of the 2017 General and Presidential Elections, several market women have expressed serious disappointment over the manner in which the country is being governed and have threatened not to participate in the forthcoming Elections supra.
Market women in the Brewerville, Baby-Ma Junction Community said they are unhappy with the way things are going on in the country stressing that they expected good governance from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf but it is unfortunate that things they criticized before seem to be worst under the leadership of the first female President who they saw as a redeemer.

The market women made particular emphasis on the death of Harry Greaves, Michael Allison among others and the alarming rate of alleged ritualistic killings, rapes and violence against women that have been reported throughout the country stressing that they no longer feel secured in their own country as nothing is being done by the government to address the situation.

Speaking to members of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) during a one day Community outreach, one of the women, Juah Toby said it is sadden that with a female President, the rights of women are still being violated and perpetrators go with impunity adding that the country has reached the place where the poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer.

She explained that her husband lost his job since 2008 and they have been surviving on the little business she is making but expressed anger that her family was a strong supporter of the ruling Unity Party during the elections but unfortunately, her husband was sacked from his job after the elections, something she feels so bitter about.
Mrs. Juah Toby, a mother of four, sells cold water at the intersection of the Baby-Ma Junction in Brewerville community in order to sustain her family.

“For me I will not participate in the upcoming elections because those people (politicians) only recognize or think about us when it is elections time but after getting what they want, they go about taking our husbands, brothers, sons and daughters from their jobs forgetting that we got them where they are,” Juah lamented.
Also speaking was a 37-year old Sadia who described the country as a battle field saying only the strong can survive. She said the country has reached the point where people live in perpetual fear while the rate of poverty continues to escalate.

Sadia said the government is to be blamed for all the challenges faced by its citizens especially women and girls because people who should be representing the masses and those considered less fortunate only think of what they can get for their children and don’t care about others.“We thought having a female President would have placed us in a better position to improve our lives but instead we are the direct victims of the various negative vices one could imagine. Right now I only have interest in obtaining my voters’ registration card but I will not stand in the sun again to vote for any leader in this country because they will only go there to enrich themselves,” she stated.
The Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) has designed a program to visit women in various communities to make their voices heard on national issues and also issues they are confronted with in their individual lives on a daily basis.

FeJAL’s Community Outreach Initiative (Reporting from the community) is intended to flag out issues affecting women and as well provide the (women) the opportunity to speak out on the ills in the Liberian society.

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