Liberia: MOE Introduces Teachers’ Code Of Conduct

Liberia: MOE Introduces Teachers’ Code Of Conduct

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education has crafted a Code of Conduct to govern all teachers across the country. The Code of Conduct for Teachers and School administrators is said to be a critical component of the reform efforts of the Ministry of Education intended to improve the Educational system of Liberia.
Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing, the Minister for instruction at the Ministry of Education, Madam Felicia Doe Somah, noted that the Code of Conduct seeks to contribute to the building of a strong educational system that is professional in nature.

She said the development of the teachers Code of Conduct is in consonance with objects of the Education Reform Act of 2011, which states: “ Promote and sustain public confidence in the Educational System; Promote and protect the concept of human rights for all Liberians, both with respect to access and opportunities for quality education”.
Madam Somah stressed that the Code of Conduct serves as a guide and provides acceptable behavior for all teachers, school administrators and staff noting that it stipulates the acceptable behavior carrying out their professional duties and responsibilities in and out of the school and classroom.

According to Madam Somah, the Code of Conduct also seeks to protect the rights of school-going girls and ensure that they (females) remain in school and complete their studies.The Mission of the Code of Conduct for teachers and school administrators is “To provide all Liberians with the opportunity to access and complete affordable education of a quality, relevance and appropriateness that meets their needs and that of the nation”. While the vision is “A system of education that is flexible, evolves with time and fully meets the needs and aspirations of the people individually and collectively as a nation”.

Pic: Education Minister Hon. George werner