Armed Robbers Strike In G’ Ville

Staff Report

Armed robbers have again struck this time storming the Gardnersville Community, including New Gulf and Bardnersville, injuring several persons and making away with cash and valuable items. The robbers heavily armed with short single barrel raffles, machetes, knives and other harmful weapons stormed the New Georgia Gulf community early Thursday morning at about 2:00 A.M., attacking Mr. Roland Dennis’ residence before moving to his nearby neighbor’s residence to carry out their nefarious attack.

The Armed robbers numbering about seven men with a lady entered Dennis’ house through the back door where they fired at the door thus forcing it open. They put occupants of the house under gun point, remorselessly brutalized Dennis’ younger brother with cutlasses before requesting for cash and valuable items from the victims.
According to Dennis, the robbers, having flogged his brother, attacked him as well and used a baton to flog him. “After beating me with the baton, the armed robbers took L#9,000 from me, took all of my phones, my little sister’s US$60 for her tuition and took away my brother’s phones and other belongings,” Dennis who is popularly known in the community as Bulldog narrated in tears.

According to Dennis, the armed robbers threatened to take away his brother’s three-year old son if their demand were not met. He said after the attack on their residence the armed men moved in a nearby building and took away from a market woman L$30,000 and L$4,000 from another occupant of the house. Dennis said having pleaded with them for mercy, the armed men left and crossed over to Bardnersville, attacked residents of the Josiah Estate just a kilometer away from the Gulf and stabbed a boy who could not meet their demand for money and cell phones.

Meanwhile, residents of the New Georgia Gulf community are appealing to the Ministry of Justice to beef up security in the community. They said the only nearby police depot in New Georgia is unable to contain the wrath of the marauding armed robbers due to lack of logistics. They said though the police patrol the community at night on foot, but they have nothing to combat robbers