Police, Examine Yourself First

THE DIRECTOR OF the Liberia National Police, Clarence Massaquoi has instructed traffic officers to arrest, and impound the vehicles of anyone including officials of government that will be caught using the opposite lane of the Tubman Boulevard road during the rush hours.

DIRECTOR MASSAQUOI NAMED drivers of none governmental vehicles including United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) as being among those constantly violating the rules of the traffic at the detriment of other road users. The Police Chief said it was becoming a normal routine for officials and others in the Liberian society to violate the traffic regulations on grounds that they were getting late for work or meetings and at times used their portfolios to threaten police officers.

“AS DIRECTOR OF Police, I am not prepared to risk the lives of police officers assigned in the traffic and I am calling on those in such act to desist or face the wrath of the law”, the police Boss asserted.

COL. MASSAQUOI SAID the actions of these violators were resulting into the loss of lives and properties damaged and maintained that the police will not hesitate to arrest, name and shame anyone that will be caught creating a third lane for their convenient regardless of their status in society.

A STATEMENT FROM the Liberia National Police quotes the LNP Chief as saying that the traffic laws of Liberia do not permit the usage of the opposite lane, stressing that such violation or misuse of roads prints a negative image to people visiting the country.

HE SAID DISREGARD for police officers on official duty in the streets by these violators was troubling and undermines the rule of law in the country.

WE WELCOME THIS latest move by the Liberia National Police to arrest and impound vehicles that are using the opposite lane or shoulders of the road. This is undoubtedly embarrassing to other road users and even the pedestrians who are also tax payers.

WHILE WE WELCOME this latest move by the police, we are also calling on them to examine themselves by abiding by this instruction issued by the Director of the LNP. It is no secret that the police who are to enforce the law are the ones who usually break the law. Sometimes the police use the sirens to break through the traffic when in fact others are patiently waiting in the traffic. On many occasions, other drivers follow the sirens and also break the rules, all because of the action of the police.

THAT IS WHY we are calling on the police to examine themselves before issuing such instruction, though this move is welcoming and must be obeyed by all drivers, including Government officials. Frankly, this instruction will work only if the police stop using their authority to break the law. If everyone including the police and government officials respect what is degreed as a law for the betterment of the country, things will be better for all because laws are made for the betterment of the society.

AGAIN, WE WELCOME this latest instruction by the police to arrest and impound vehicles that are violating the law by riding on the opposite lanes, but let the police examine itself by first of all abiding by its own instruction, that’s the only way the instruction will be respected.