Speaker Warns Integrity Institutions

House Speaker J. Alex has warned integrity institutions against deviating from their statutory mandates.

In his message marking the departure of members of the House of Representatives for the fourth annual break yesterday Speaker Tyler wants anti-graft institutions to remain within the Frame work of law, suggesting that they “Preserve probity and should not deviate from their statutory mandates”.

According to Speaker Tyler, integrity institutions were “established to accomplish certain objectives of the country and citizens of the state void of political coloring, social mechanism or ethnic power play”.

“In other words”; he continued, “That job is to be done for the Liberia people and must therefore be void of prejudice”.

Though he did not specify the name of the anti-graft institutions he was referring to, he warned that they were found of tendencies of playing politics, seeking the court of public opinions, soliciting street jurors and “atyee” shop pundits in the discharge of their duties.

Analysts believe his comments were alluding to the actors at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) which in recent weeks thought to be considering the possibility of prosecuting the Speaker for his alleged involvement into corruption

Meanwhile, Speaker Tyler has boasted of some achievements, citing the passage of 33 bills into law during the just ended fourth sitting, awaiting the body’s actions on 38 others upon their return from the break.

He recorded the unfortunate passing of one of their colleagues in the person of late Representative Fofi Sahr Baimba as well as thousands of other son and daughters of Liberia who fell prey to the deadly Virus Ebola disease.