Rotten Fish Causes Stir On SKD Boulevard

Residents and commuters along the S.K. D. Boulevard in Paynesville have been experiencing due to the stink odor of several bags of fish which they initially considered as a dead human being.

The bags of fish were dumped near a river on the newly constructed Police Academic Road by some unknown persons and are now in the state of decay.

Some of the commuters and residents who use the route to go about their normal businesses daily suspected that this was a decomposed body has been discovered in the river. They further said the body has been in the river for over five days and has been polluting the entire community.

Though those who are making claim have not gone on the scene to authenticate the information, some of them reported the matter to the Liberia National Police and even called some media institutions complaining of the presence of a decomposed body in the river.

But a team of journalists who went on the scene yesterday discovered that the information about the discovery of a dead body was untrue. The journalists who were taken on the scene by Mr. Julius Flomo, a resident of the community discovered several bags of rotten fish dumped in the river instead of a dead person.

Mr. Flomo who did everything possible to convene the journalists, opened some of the bags to prove his case.

He claimed that human beings are very sting and that if this was human being, no one would have been near this area especially in houses that are in the proximity of where the fish had been dumped.

The information about the discovery of a decomposed body on the S.K.D. Boulevard spread like wide fire in and out of the community thus, creating serious panic amongst residents and road users.

Motorbike riders who usually ply the route could not stop on the scene but said that a body was around the vicinity alleging that it was part of the ritualistic killings that are ongoing around the country as the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections draw near.