Alleged Rapist Sent To Prison

By Precious Gaye

The alleged rapist of a minor was yesterday sent to the Monrovia Central prison.

Recently, it was reported that following an investigation done from October 13-14, 2015, investigator Emmanuel Saye of the Zone #5 police station in Paynesville, revealed that a 25-year old man sexually abused a 15- year old.

An offense by the penal laws of Liberia, Subchapter D. Sexual Offences. 14.70 Rape, which state “A person who has sexual intercourse with another person (male or female) has committed rape if:

(b) The victim is less than eighteen years old, provided the actor is eighteen years of age or older.”   Therefore under the above mentioned law the alleged rapist has been charged with Statutory Rape, and has be sent to the Monrovia Central prison to await trial by the Supreme Court as rape cases are not judged in Magistrate courts.

It can be recalled that prior to the findings of the investigation, the victim sustained severe bodily wounds recently on her throat, arm, side, jaws, and her right thumb perpetrated by the alleged rapist, and was detained on October 9 for aggravated assault at the Zone #5 police station.

The case has been recorded at the Magistrate Court since Monday October 12, 2015.

It was then decided by The head on this case Attorney William Dweh that the then defendant is taken back to the zone 5 police station, under police custody until further investigation is done due to claims made by the defendant that he and the victim have been in an affair.