Group Reacts To Ngafuan’s Resignation

The Movement for Democratic Initiative (MDI) has expressed disappointment over the recent resignation of former Foreign Minister, Augustine KpeheNgafuan.

In a statement issued recently in Monrovia, MDI said issued by Mr. Ngafuan was read with utmost dismay and concern by the Movement for Democratic Initiative (MDI). The group went on, “Before detailing our disappointment in Mr. Ngafuan’s action, we at the Movement for Democratic Initiative (MDI) feel very sorry for our beloved Country Liberia at this stage of our under development that our Lawmakers with the support of the leadership of the Executive Branch of Government will deliberately pass a law that is divisive and discriminatory; and expect rational thinkers and people who want to see this country prosper in every sphere of its national life to remain silent and allow chaos to prevail.

“In Mr. Ngafuan’s statement, he stated that his decision for resigning at this time is in obedience to the law (i.e. Code of Conduct) passed by the Liberian National Legislature mandating all officials appointed by the President of Liberia and Board of Directors of Public Corporations to resign their posts at least two (2) years if they desire to contest for public office,” MDI said.

“While in Mr. Ngafuan’s statement, he mentioned that he does not fully concur with some of the provisions in the Act of the Legislature prescribing a National Code of Conduct for all Public Officials and Employees, especially Part V on Political Participation, he went ahead and resigned his post to enable him fully participate in political activities ahead of the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections,” MDI pointed out.

The group added that it sees this as a clear contradiction on the part of Mr. Ngafuan as his words and action do not match; and this resignation of Mr. Ngafuan leaves the Movement for Democratic Initiative (MDI) to believe that such person as Mr. Ngafuan cannot be further trusted with any leadership position in Liberia; whether electable position for the 2017 General and Presidential Elections or appointed position for that matter; as his action of resignation signifies that he will compromise the very Liberian people and Constitution for the sake of his personal convenience as he has done in this case of his resignation; only to justify that he wants to be law abiding even though he acknowledged that the very code of conduct law is unconstitutional.