Young Liberian Asked To Contest Presidency

A young Liberia and son of Nimba County has been petitioned to contest the 2017 Presidential and legislative Election.

Mr. Alexander N. Duopu was petitioned over the weekend by elders, women and youth of Whegbe Town on the Schieflin/Robertsfield Highway, Margibi County.

According to Mr. Jackson S. Weah Chairman of the Friends of Alexander N. Duopu who read the petition statement on behalf of the citizens of Whegbe Town, their decision to petition Mr. Duoputo contest for the Presidency in 2017 is predicated upon his numerous contributions to the state and society.

Mr. Weah said Duopu has shown honesty, commitment that qualifies him to contest the Liberian Presidency. He further, “We need honesty, we need commitment, many times people will come and promise, we will do this for you but usually lie to you and nothing happen. The petitioners said Duopu has proven to be a man of honesty who can better represent them at the level of the presidency.

In response, Mr. Duopu expressed gratitude for the confidence reposed in him and the support given him by the people during this process. “I believe we do not have much time from today, and I must encourage you to be willing to stand and fight for what you believe in,” he told his hundreds of supporters.

He urged the petitioners to begin to reach out to every home, community, town, village, district, city and county to ensure that the people are engaged and the message is passed on. He furthered, “Do not be deterred because of the proliferation of political parties, we must work hard to make this dream a success to ensure that we make Liberia a better place, because this is our home and this is where we all belong.”

“Today; let your voices be heard in every fabric and corner of our nation. This is a “Country for the People, by the People and of the People” so we are going to give back the country and economy to the people. We call on every Liberian to be Nationalistic and to take ownership in this coming political process in the Rebirth of our great nation, Liberia,” Duopu said amidst cheer.

He then assured the citizens that if given the opportunity to serve as president he will work together with the Liberian people, to stand by the Liberian people, and to bring about new ideas and new solutions that will build and strengthen the nation and restore its position in the community of nations.

Duopu said, “We can implement comprehensive and meaningful policies that will improve the livelihood of our people. We can work together to ensure that dignity is restore within public sector and that government bureaucracy will be an instrument for success and not a hindrance to progress. There are lots of work to be done my fellow Liberians, we live in a nation with many challenges, we must be patriots working together to serve one another and our nation. We must be nationalistic void of ethnicity and class system of haves and have not, educated and uneducated because no one Liberian is more deserving than the other.

“We need to put our ideas together forgetting our background and rebuild our country, because we are all one Liberians and must stand as such. Let us tear down walls that separate us and build bridges that will unite us. Let us not allow this opportunity to pass us by, let us stand together and work for the change we desire.

The tools to smoothen rough edges are in our hands, as a nation. We must work together to bring those ideas to fruition so that generations yet unborn shall realize that we fought for their foundation and allow the success of the nation to flow through our collective efforts,” said Duopu.

He among other things concluded, by accepting the citizens’ request and petition to contest the 2017 Presidential Election.

Mr. Duopu was born unto Mr. & Mrs. G. Moses and Beatrice Isobel Blapoh-Duopu in the Township of West Point, outside of Monrovia, but grew-up in the Borough of New Kru Town and later moved to Garnersville in 1977.

He started his education at the St. Mary’s Catholic School in Duala, Bushrod Island. In 1978, Mr. Duopu continued his Elementary and Middle school education at the Warren Street School and the Barringer Annex in Newark, New Jersey in the United States of America. He can trace his political inheritance and involvement from his father at this point in time.

Mr. Duopu also attended the Kwendin Vocational Training Center (KVTC), Nimba County, where he graduated from Secondary Education and earned a WAEC Certificate and Diploma in 1983. Mr. Duopu is also a 1998 graduate from the University of Liberia where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and minoring Economics.

In 2002, Mr. Duopu traveled back to the United States of America where he earned a Master of Science in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from Strayer University, 2007 and 2009.