CHICO Resumes Road Works In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye

The Chinese road construction company, Chico, has resumed road work in Nimba County clearing the motor road from Gantamain street to the road leading to the border between Liberia and the Republic of Guinea.   Chico early June 2015 entered the commercial City in Ganta and demolished several buildings, including Ecobank, the Mosque, “Planet 44,” which is the leading club in Ganta after being marked by the Ministry of Public Works in the county. However, the company closed down all operations in August 2015 due to the heavy down pour of rain in the country.

Chico earth moving equipment is presently busy clearing the border road from the main street to the Ganta border while business houses demolished are presently under construction in and around Ganta.

The Beer Garden, Ecobank, Jestina Bar and Restaurants which were demolished by the company for the construction of the road, are presently under construction.

Since the arrival of the Chinese road company Chico in Ganta in June 2015, the main street of Ganta is seen busy with the construction of shops, stores, and restaurants by business people whose structures were demolished during the exercise.

The Ganta City Corporation has mandated every business house to be a storey building or be demolished by the Ministry of Public Works or the city corporation in Ganta.