Former SUSUKUU Manager Reacts To Misinformation Campaign

The former General Services Manager of SUSUKUU, Mr. Joseph N. Jah has sharply reacted to a misinformation campaign carried out live on the Costa Show by radio talk show host, Mr. Woods Yanton last week.

During the talk show, a caller commented that Dr. Tipoteh was his preferred choice of President for Liberia, because, according to him, Dr. Tipoteh is one politician who, as a private citizen, has undertaken several national initiatives, like the Susukuu disarmament program (School for Guns).

Mr. Yanton, apparently in response to the comments of the caller, made a statement that the Susukuu Disarmament program was a failure due to corruption. According to him, Dr. Tipoteh embezzled the disarmament funds that were given to SUSUKUU by the United Nations for the DDRR Program which he, Tipoteh headed.

In a strong worded Press Statement issued by Mr. Jah, he categorically rejects the assertion of the talk show host and said that his assertion was a reflection of general bitterness, inordinate expression of lies and lack of knowledge.

Mr. Jah further explained that SUSUKKU’s School for Guns Program was different from the DDRR program, which Mr. Yanton, in his lack of knowledge about the national disarmament program, views to be one and the same.

The DDRR Program was the UN Disarmament Program headed by Dr. Moses Jarboe. Dr. Tipoteh at no time ever headed the DDRR Program in Liberia, let alone collaborated with the DDRR Program. It was therefore absurd for someone to sit on a radio talk show and spew out misinformation and negative propaganda to the public about people and things he has absolutely no knowledge about.

Mr. Jah said that the SUSUKUU School for Guns program did not fail, because according to him the objective was to restore peace to Liberia by supporting the disarmament efforts of ECOMOG; and that was ultimately achieved by the holding of democratic elections in 1997.

He said that the funds used for the SUSUKUU disarmament program were mobilized through contributions from friends of Dr. Tipoteh both at home and abroad; the program was never funded by United Nations. Dr. Tipoteh is not one of those “Johnny just come” politicians who are opportunistically using state resources or stolen money to promote selfish political agenda, Mr. Jah said.

“One’s concern for his people and love for country can best be measured by privately mobilizing non-state resources and placing same at the disposal of the people to improve their condition; and that was exactly what Dr. Tipoteh did when he launched the School for Guns program, working closely with ECOMOG to restore peace in Liberia,” he indicated.

He said that Mr. Yanton, should learn to check and cross-check his facts, particularly when it involves the character of a great nationalist and emancipator like Dr. Tipoteh. “Dr. Tipoteh has never and will never steal from the Liberian people” Mr. Jah stressed.

He said Dr. Tipoteh has resolved to remain steadfast and non-violent in his advocacy for the Liberian people and the good of the motherland regardless of negative propaganda against him.