Mother Sends Out SOS For Ailing Son

By Varney K. Sirleaf

The Mother of a 27-year old man, Gerald Wilson, who is suffering from a severe Hip Arthroplasty problem is calling on well-meaning people in Liberia and the world at large to help save her son’s life.

According to Madam Anna Paygar, her son, who is a Junior Student at the United Methodist University started experiencing this problem last year with a severe pain in his joints.

She said when he (son) started complaining about feeling severe pain in his joints, they took him for examination at a local hospital where he was diagnosed of having rheumatism.

“After that some of my friends recommended that we go to Tappita Referral Hospital in Nimba; ‘it was where his X-Ray was done and he was diagnose of having this Arthroplasty and that his hips have to be replaced. But the hospital told me to take him abroad for the surgery because they said the hospital never had the equipment for that kind of surgery”, she explained.

Madam Paygar stated that it was based on the hospital’s advice that she took her son to the FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital in Accra, Ghana, where he is currently taking treatment.

Explaining the Accra situation, she said the FOCOS Hospital’s result is the same as the Tappita Hospital; but according to her, she needs about US$21,010.00 for her son to undergo the surgery to replace his hips.

She further explained that while in Accra, one of her friends contacted the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi, India and they were told that they have the equipment to perform the surgery, but that this would cost US$13,000.

With her eyes filled with tears, Madam Paygar lamented that she does not have that amount of money needed for her son’s surgery. It is because of this she is appealing to all humanitarians, officials of government, and others to help save her son life.

“I am a poor woman, I do not have money to take care of his medical bills, so I am kindly calling on good people who got human feeling to help save my son’s life”, she explained in tears.

Anyone wanting to help Madam Paygar can do so on cell numbers: 231-886-608-542, 231-516-533.