LEC Assures Communities

The Management of Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) says it is making frantic efforts to restore power to communities experiencing power outage as a result of the heavy storm that affected parts of its transmission and network on Saturday last week.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the LEC Management explained that it is currently working assiduously to restore power to its Paynesville Sub-station, remove all broken poles and hardware from the affected communities to ensure the preparation and erection of 22kv poles.

The affected communities include Steven Tolbert, Barnersville and New Georgia Estates, Congo Town, Cooper’s Farm-ELWA, S.D. Cooper Road, GSA Road, Red Light, Police Academy, Lower Voker Mission and Nigeria House in Congo Town.

At the same time, residents of the affected communities in separate statements told the Liberia News Agency Wednesday that the continuous power outage poses security threat to them as the communities look fearful at night because the areas can be too dark.

They said the situation is also imposing economic hardship on them because they cannot run their businesses effectively without electricity.

The residents have meanwhile challenged the LEC Management to beef up efforts aimed at restoring electric power to the communities to ease constrains they are faced with.