Pervocate Brings In Huge Consignment Diabetes Drugs

Diabetes patients in Liberia are expected to benefit from a consignment of vitamins to help with their nutritional needs.

The disclosure was made recently by the founder of the center, Mr. James Momoh who is currently in the United States. The consignment of scientifically formulated nutritional support for people suffering from diabetes arrives in the country in November.

The Liberia Diabetes Testing and Awareness Center since opening its offices in Liberia has been meeting the diabetic needs of the people through its testing and counseling programs.

According to the founder, meeting the nutritional needs of diabetes sufferers in Liberia is one of the greatest achievements of the center since opening its door in the country. Momoh said while providing the testing and counseling to people suffering from diabetes is critical, “meeting their nutritional needs is a life safer”.

He intimated that introducing a nutritional component at the center was based on an assessment carried out while in Liberia on people suffering from diabetes.

He said most people suffering from diabetes in Liberia were also suffering from poor nutrition which is a major component in the management of diabetes. By introducing a nutritional component according to him, people suffering from diabetes will now have the opportunity to support their immune system through the “Diabetes Health Pack”.

He disclosed that the health pack has the nutrient that will bring relief to people suffering from complications that are associated with their glucose levels.

He said the nutrients which are pharmacist-recommended for people suffering from diabetes, will help people that are losing weight, developing vision problem, osteoporosis and several other problems that are associated with hyperglycemia.

He added that one of the greatest functions of the diabetes health pack is its ability to reduce the craving mechanism for unhealthy eating habits of people suffering from diabetes in Liberia.

Meanwhile, Momoh is urging Liberians to visit the center and take advantage of the opportunities that are available in the management of their medical condition.

He said the center is not limited to glucose testing but people also have the opportunity to benefit from other medical assessment which he identified as Hypertension, the flow of oxygen and heart rhythm.