Over Boakai’s Presidency…Lofa Is Resolved

Over Boakai's Presidency...Lofa Is Resolved

By Robert W. Kpadeh

I have read and heard with consternation…all sorts of stories here in Monrovia regarding the presidential bid of Vice president Joseph N. Boakai (the wise) on the one hand and the resolve of the great people of Lofa County to lend their full support on the other hand.

However notwithstanding, it doesn’t come as a surprise anyway—as the Monrovian society is one that is accustomed to cynicism, rumors, gossip, doubts and sheer falsehood.

Besides, we are reliably aware that lazy and unproductive politicians who have vested interest in the 2017 presidential race but lack the intellectual ability and the political know-how to commandeer the support of the Liberian people, are bankrolling misfits, degenerates and renegades to spew out verbiages and outright lies about the county and its resolve to stand behind Boakai. But I can understand their problem—they are fiercely strike by the ‘Boakai fever’ that erupted since his earth-moving petitioning in Lofa, Voinjama city.

Some are heralding the view that because one or two sons of Lofa similarly have presidential ambition comes 2017 ultimately suggest that the county is divided and VeepBoakai does not enjoy the overwhelming support of his county—and that Lofa is currently dogged by segmented loyalty. This is sheer misrepresentation of the facts obtaining in Lofa County!

So I pen this little piece to rubbish these filthy innuendoes, infertile rumors and concocted fairytales circulated by so called ‘advocates for hire’. As a matter of fact, such characterization is in clear contrast to the traditional values of Lofa and its unique citizenry as well as the enviable customary doctrines of our great county.

Lofa remains proud of all of its great sons including the writer of this little piece and will continue to acknowledge and wish them well in all that they expire for in life, but the traditional values and norms of the county take precedence over all its citizens… and no one Lofian can defy that. In Lofa, we do not circumvent the doctrine of our tradition for any reason—in fact, it is an abomination to do so…and sons and daughters of Lofa County know this and live it as part of their values.

What was witnessed during the historic and colossal petitioning of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai clearly represents the true value of the Lofa people. Every segment of the county was fully represented indicating the generality and diversity of the Lofa people rallying behind their Son and Uncle as he contests the 2017 presidential poll. It was not the usual ‘stage game’ you see around here because in Lofa, we do not play and settle for deceit and machination.

The incredible and heroic turnout of Lofians that day meant Lofa is resolved, ready and prepared to stand by their son and Uncle and any one doubting such resolve is certainly a sad, ‘JOKER’ and I should add a big time LOSER.

The May,22,2015 momentous and massive petitioning ceremony that the nation witnessed in Voinjama city was not one of the regular ‘dollarized’ petitioning exercises we see around here every now and then, No, it was the expressed will, vigor, courage, collective spirit and unbending desire of the Lofa people shielded by rich traditional values and dictates, hence, every Lofa citizen who is committed to the county tradition is under obligation to respect and uphold this decision—and that anything to the contrary, is deemed abominable and certainly has a daring and proportional repercussions, my father Robert WoiyeeKpadeh, a traditionalist told me the other day.

I repeat, in Lofa, we have no place for deceit, machination, scheming and disrespect when it comes to upholding our sacred traditional norms and values. We are a people of strong traditional discipline, moral decency and culturally regimented.

So Lofa has spoken decisively and Lofa is rallied behind Hon. Joseph NyumahBoakai for president comes 2017—and this is a concession Lofians do not take lightly and even the ones with different political opinions know in their hearts that the county is wholly and surely behind ‘Uncle Joe’. Ours now is to reach out to the other great counties and hold a conversation with them on the need to give Boakai, a man of peace, integrity and humility the torch in 2017…so that Liberians can once more own their country.

Long live Liberia and may bless the dynamic people of Liberia and sustain the peace of our Land!!