LPDP Commences Acquaintance, Familiarization Tour

As Liberia and Liberians gear up for what has been described as perhaps the country’s most important political turning point, when incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her ruling Unity Party (UP) Government will be facing a horde of contenders for the prestigious honor of administering the affairs of state, no stone is being left unturned by individuals and political parties seeking to become the appropriate alternative from results of the 2017 Presidential and General Elections.

Accordingly, the National Election Commission’s recently certified and certificated political establishment, the Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP), has hit the ground running, in its overwhelming drive to gain the acceptance of citizens in every nook and cranny of the country, by conducting comprehensive familiarization and acquaintance visits.

A high-power LPDP delegation headed by its Vice Chairman for Mobilization and Recruitment, Jerry G. Roberts, last Sunday, paid one of such visits to Zinnah Town, Todee District, Montserrado County, to present the party’s manifesto to residence and also get a firsthand understanding of challenges facing the people.

In welcoming the LPDP delegation on behalf of the residents, Mr. Daniel C. Neihne said they were highly elated for the visit, and expressed optimism of the party’s success in its future endeavors, especially the pending 2017 elections.

The LPDP, according to Neihne, is truly the right replacement for the failed Unity Party Government, which he indicated, has not been able to answer the social and economic cries of the Liberian people since its inception at the helm of national power in 2005, even though, it has signed scores of foreign direct investments worth billions of United States dollars and also received huge foreign financial aid.

“Despite the huge international goodwill towards this government,” he told the visiting LPDP delegation, “just look at the living condition of the people and you won’t have to guess whether they have benefited from the expected trickled down effects.”

Neihne said the people of Zinnah Town, Todee Administrative District, are tired with their medieval way of living from hand to mouth, and are prepared to accept a party whose overall interest is to care for the citizens by ensuring that they directly benefit from proceeds of the country’s natural resources. He vowed to mobilize residents of the town in ensuring that the LPDP captures state power, come 2017.

Speaking earlier, LPDP’s Vice Chair for Mobilization and Recruitment, Jerry G. Brown, said the delegation was happy to visit with the people, noting that the party’s founders are aware that citizens around the country are catching hell and living in abject poverty, in the midst of plenty.

Mr. Brown furthered that as a party of the people, as its nomenclature depicts, the LPDP seeks to lead and not rule, and will work only in accordance with the aspirations and expectations of the Liberian people. He added that because the party is people driven, its principle of leadership will be based on instructions from the citizens on how they want their country’s revenue to be spent, and not the other way around, as has been the case of past national administrations.

Brown frowned on the increasing wave of daring and unpunished financial and managerial improprieties, especially in Liberia’s public sector, vowing that a future government under the LPDP will ensure that those accused of plundering state power now and then, will not go scot free, contrary to the current UP Government’s apparent inability to fight the menace, which is actually harming the country and people.