CEMENCO Assures Contractors

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Liberia Cement Corporation (CEMENCO) says it is prepared to put all measures in place to ensure the safety of contractors at its site.

Speaking to this paper, a member of the distribution team, Patrick Michael, said the management of the Liberia Cement Corporation (CE MENCO) has initiated a process named “Supervising the Supervisors” and is intended to monitor the activities of contractors and ensure that they are safe on the job.

According to Mr. Michael, the management of CEMENCO has committed itself to providing all the necessary equipment needed to ensure the safety of contractors.

“During the celebration of the safety week recently, the management of CEMENCO through the Safety Manager, Mr. Robert Marshall, stressed the importance of the safety week adding that the company will do all it could to secure the safety of its contractors,” Michael explained.

Mr. Patrick Michael said that most of the accidents that occurred at the company involved contractors and they usually occurred when contractors became negligent on the job, adding that they were normally minor accidents.

Mr. Michael called on his fellow contractors to be conscious of their safety while on the job because some contractors are complacent and they do not take the usage of the Personal Protective Equipment seriously something which he said increases the risk of accident on the job.

“We need to prioritize the use of the Personal Protective Equipment in order to keep ourselves safe when we are on the job. Though most of the accidents are minor, we still need to protect ourselves,” he added.

The Liberia Cement Corporation made the commitment during the celebration of the Week of Safety recently held in Monrovia.

The Week of Safety celebration is intended to create awareness on the safety of contractors and it was launched recently under the theme: “Zero Contractors’ Accident”.