Welcoming ADD With Caution!

A NEW SOCIAL grouping named and styled Action for Democracy and Development (ADD) aimed at stimulating new thinking for a new Liberia was launched in Monrovia yesterday. The group comprising some political activists of the eighties also promised to ensure a prosperous Liberia for all Liberians and those who reside within it.

THE GROUP IN its Statement of Principle said it is out of the spirit of endurance that Liberians must now find the courage to work together, to learn from each other and to build a new Liberia that speaks to their collective needs, aspirations and desires to build a new society; a society in which Liberians are one great humanity challenging themselves to reverse the difficult past and work for each other; a new politics that promotes civility and not hostility; and a new dispensation that rejects mediocrity and encourages excellence, dedication and discipline.

IN THE STATEMENT read by ADD’s spokesman, Mr. Nathaniel Kwabo, the group said recognizing the difficult past of the country and the opportunity for national transformation, they have come together to form the Action for Democracy and Development.

THE ADD SPOKESMAN said, “We are Liberians of diverse backgrounds who share a common concern about the future of our country and are united in our determination to work together and with other Liberians to realize the full potential and endowment of our country and shape its future towards greater achievements and development.”

THE ADD SPOKESMAN said the group’s working together is sustained by five shared values which include justice, integrity, responsibility, participation and solidarity.

WE DO BELIEVE that Liberia and Liberians following years of adversities should base their code values on these five values as a means of ensuring a state based on equity for all.

THIS IS WHY with an eagle eye, we are watching unfolding events in the country and with the announcement of the formation of ADD comprising mostly of people who stood for and are still preaching the concept of peace, social justice and human rights we believe a country lost in the numerous adversities can re-discover its purpose for existence.

HOWEVER, WE ARE cautioning against the formation of such a grouping as was in the past when people did similar strategies only for job seeking or moving up the political ladder at the detriment of the Liberia people while the cardinal problems of poverty, disease, marginalization and other vices continue to be the order of the day. Let the people during this era endeavour to x-ray these organizations through constructive engagement to put the Liberian agenda forward and not a few coming together to promote their political agenda.