Movie Industry Wants Partnership With Media

By Lincoln Barcon

A Multi-Media low liability film industry, Platinum Entertainment Production over the weekend hosted an acquaintance lunch with the media. The meeting according to the organizers was a means of creating mutual relationship between the press and movie industries in Liberia.

Speaking during the lunch, the Chief Executive Officer, Dream Debo of the industry said the event was intended to create cordial relationship between the media and film industries in the country. He said without the media, institutions in the promotion of Liberian movies and the objectives of firm industries will not be realized.

Mr. Debo also noted that the lunch was organized to erase the notion that stars or artists in the country do not like to speak to media practitioners to discuss issues that will bring change to the film industries in Liberia.

He said Platinum Entertainment Production has made several artists in the country but the issue of promoting those artists has become a serious problem. He urged the press to promote talents that have already been created.

According to the CEO, Dream Debo, Platinum Entertainment Production was established in 2009 by two young Liberians and other partners to create talents into career. He said the aim of Platinum Entertainment Production is to polish people who want to become movie artists.

He averred that Platinum Entertainment Production has conducted several workshops for directors, editors, script writers and artists but encouraged them not to be complacent as every Liberian has gotten the taste of a good movie.

Among other things, Mr. Debo noted that there has been no relationship between the Government of Liberia and his institution. “We have written government officials on several occasions but none of them has ever attended any of our occasions,” Mr. Debo intimated.

He said Platinum Entertainment Production was selected to represent Liberia in Nigeria by Mr. E. OwusuDahnsaw in an upcoming movie program. He disclosed that Mr. E. OwusuDahnsaw selection was based on his performance as a career movie artist in several movies.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Platinum Entertainment Production is calling on citizens, local and international partners to continue supporting the film industry in the country. He said since the establishment of the industry the Government of Liberia has never provided any support to the film industry since the movie industry gained momentum in 2014.

Mr. Debo stated further that a movie called “FREEDOM” which is still in the archive was produced to expose several issues that happened during the devastating civil unrest in Liberia which lasted for nearly 15 years. He said the movie is intended to educate the current generation on the effect of the civil conflict.

During the lunch several guests and media practitioners lauded the efforts of Platinum Entertainment production for producing several educational movies in the country and encouraged the industry not to relent in their quest to produce movies that will meet international standards.