INQUIRER Boss To Sponsor 4-Yr. Old ‘Genius’

The Managing Editor of The INQUIRER Newspaper, Mr. Philip N. Wesseh (PNW), has promised to sponsor a four-year old girl believed to be a genius.

PNW said he will underwrite the cost of the child’s tuition and other expenses associated with her educational sojourn.

In an interview, Mr. Wesseh said he sees little QuiwonseuhSanga, a four- yearld child who displayed an extraordinary reading and writing skills on Monday as a Genius.

The veteran Liberian journalist said such a child deserves all the support and as such, he is ready and prepared to be part of the history-making by sponsoring her to achieve her dream.

Four-year old Quiwonseuh, a kindergarten student is truly performing wonders by reading newspapers and also writing perfectly as though she’s been in school for years. Those who have seen the child performing, especially with her handwriting, have described her as a genius in this country.

Little Quiwonseuh who was born September 12, 2011 has begun exhibiting extraordinary attitude and behavior to the amazement of those who saw her at the INQUIRER offices reading a copy of the paper and other documents placed on the bulletin of the institution.

Little Quiwonseuh writes whatever is dictated to her by anyone. She’s exceptional and an amazing child. The child writes and reads perfectly and can only be described as a ‘Genius’. “That child can write more than I do,” a female employee of the INQUIRER said in bewilderment from what she saw the little girl demonstrated.

“The little girl has a hidden talent,” another staff of the Inquirer said in amazement. While many think that because of her extraordinary skills in reading and writing at age four, she is possessed by an ‘evil’ spirit while Mr. Wesseh and others see the little girl as a true ‘Genius’ and therefore, must be given all the necessary support to continue her schooling.

Mr. Wesseh, alias ‘Gina’ has also invited the parents of little Quiwonseuh at the offices of The INQUIRER today to begin the payment of the child’s tuition. He expressed happiness over the little Quiwonseuh’s attitude and behavior adding that he will do everything possible to see her become one of the greatest citizens in Liberia.