41 In Court For Ganta Violence

By Solomon Gaye in Ganta

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has sent 41 suspects to court for their alleged connection with the recent destruction of lives and properties in Ganta, Nimba County.

Recently, a group of motorcyclists backed by some citizens and residents went on the rampage in the Commercial City of Ganta after getting news of three mysterious killings which many described as ‘ritualistic killings’.

The 41 persons have been sent to court for prosecution for their alleged involvement in vandalizing of homes and looting of properties during the recent violent protest in the area.

Speaking to the citizens through the community radio (RKFM), the Criminal Service Department (CSD) Director, Jersay King, said the 41 persons are being sent to court while 19 others were set free for lack of evidence in their connection to rioting and looting.

Since the arrival of the police to investigate the riot in Ganta, some of the materials looted from the Police Station and the residences of business man, Price Howard, have been retrieved from various homes while search is still going in the community to get the remaining properties.

Currently the Ganta Police Station is always crowded with people who are going to the station on a daily basis to seek the release of their relatives arrested by the LNP in connection to the violence.

The County Police Commander of Nimba, Detective James Kartoe told the INQUIRER that three persons have been arrested in connection to the alleged killing of motorcyclist, Nathan Wehgbay, whose murder sparked tension in Ganta.

Violence broke up on Wednesday 30, September 2015 over the death of the motorcyclist whose dead body was discovered near 404 communities in Ganta in a pool of blood with deep cut on his head.

During the violence, two suspects were arrested while one person was killed by the angry mob for what they called the victim’s alleged connection to the death of the motorcyclist.

Director Jersay King emphasized that the case is very sensitive and warned citizens to remain calm as the Government of Liberia through the justice system is doing everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In related development, a concerned citizen of Ganta, Amos Suah, is appealing to the Government of Liberia (GOL) to lift the ban imposed on motorcyclists so as to help the citizens move about freely in the city.

Mr. Suah stressed that the ban is indeed creating serious hardship on the people, especially students, taking into account distances to which people have to commute.