New Democratic Group To be Launched Today

A new group organized to elevate national debate on issues affecting the country, the Action for Democracy and Development (ADD) is expected to be launched today in Monrovia.

The ADD is comprised of Liberians from various professional backgrounds working for the purpose of rallying Liberians of all persuasions to promote principles and values that will overcome Liberia’s long standing systemic challenges and achieve continued political, economic and social transformation of the country.

According to the organizing committee, ADD envisions a prosperous and democratic Liberia that is responsive to all its citizens, and to the full extent of its national resources, talents and skills, enable them achieve sustainable livelihoods in dignity and freedom.

The organizer is subsequently calling on Liberians to celebrate this event and join by setting the pace by which they can shift the way Liberians view their country and its development from the old orthodoxy to a new paradigm that necessarily makes the needs of the people the controlling element.

A statement from the organizer said, “We look forward to your presence and working with you in “thinking differently,” “talking differently” and “acting differently” in the campaign to transform Liberia.