Defense Suspends Several Employees

Defense Suspends Several Employees

The Authority of the Ministry of National Defense has suspended for time indefinite four civilian employees in connection with financial impropriety following joint investigations conducted by the Internal Audit Section and the Department of Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of National Defense.

In keeping with internal policy of the Ministry of National Defense, those involved were confronted with the facts and it was established that there were salary discrepancies in the accounts of those culpable. The individuals, all from the Comptroller’s Office, include two accountants, and the Senior Administrative Officer for Budget and Fiscal Accounting and the Resource Management Accountant. During preliminary investigations, it was established through verbal testimonies and documentary evidences that those individuals were culpable for lacked of judgment and malfeasance thus resulting into payroll piling thereby defrauding the Ministry of National Defense in the tone of $8,547.96( Eight Thousand Five Hundred forty Seven and Ninety Six) United States Dollars.

Meanwhile the Ministry of National Defense has strengthened its internal system of control in payroll handling. Under the reinforced measure, all payrolls are encrypted and the password is usable once a month from the Ministry of National Defense and accessible only by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and Ecobank Liberia Limited, the depository bank.