A Genius Is Born…The Incredible Story Of A 4-Year Old Child

It is incredible, yet it is a true story that a four-year old child who is in the kindergarten is preforming wonders by reading newspapers and also writing perfectly.     Perhaps, by divine intervention, upon birth, she was given the traditional name, “Quiwonzoh,” a Gio word which means, “Civilization is good,” which is also interpreted as, “the civilized way is better.”

Those who saw the child performing, especially with her handwriting, have described her as a genius in this country. Others believe that indeed this country has discovered a genius.

The child, QuiwonseuhSanga, who was born September 12, 2011, began exhibiting attitude and behavior relative to education.

For that, her father, Omar Sanga, a school teacher, got afraid and initially said that the child’s performance might have been the result of “evil spirits,” as it was strange for a child who had not entered school to begin to perform like a high school product.

The issue of the child came to the public when her father took her to the Truth FM yesterday at which time she read the news reels of the station to the disbelief of the staff of the station. At the station she unbelievingly exhibited attributes of the child who has just entered school as a beginner.

Upon that, this paper invited the child and her father during which time the child displayed herself as someone who had the Kindergarten or ABC, as she wrote from dictation, without anyone helping her to spell any of the words that were dictated to her.

Initially, she was given a copy of yesterday’s edition of this paper, captioned “Ngafuan Resigns for 2017.” To the amazement of the staff, the child perfectly read the headline.

According to her father, Omar Sanga, the little girl may have a hidden talent which should be given immediate attention to ensure that she remains in school.

Sanga said his four year-old daughter usually helps her mother to spell and pronounce words. “Her mother is in the ninth grade, but the little girl has an exceptional ability that makes her to always help her mom to read,” Mr. Sanga told the Inquirer staff that stood looking at the child in bewilderment.

He said Quiwonseuh was born on September 11, 2011 at the German-Liberia Clinic in Paynesville. According to Sanga, little Quiwonseuh entered school this year but has been extraordinary as she was promoted to the K-2 but continues to make tremendous progress in her school.

“She reads what her friends in the same class cannot read; she demonstrates on the blackboard like a junior high school student,” Sanga told the Inquirer.

He further explained, “She’s now reading sixth to ninth grade books; it’s amazing,” the father of the little ‘genius’ said. Quiwonseuh who attends the Wariabi Community School according to her father, needs L$24,550.00 to settle her balance tuition at the institution.

“She is truly a genius, an exceptional individual,” a staff of The INQUIRER described the child upon seeing her reading a copy of the Inquirer Newspaper.