US$20 Current Rogue Killed In Clara Town…LEC Regrets Incident

US$20 Current Rogue Killed In Clara Town…LEC Regrets Incident

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is deeply troubled by the huge wave of Power theft the Corporation continues to experience from the hands of criminals but at the same time regrets the death of the late Melvin Pratt of the densely populated community of Clara Town.

The late Melvin was discovered dead on a light pole in the early hours of Sunday morning, September 27, 2015 in the Clara Town community. This incident is very sad, and the LEC is saddened that a young man has died in such a manner and form. According to sources, the late Melvin was hired by an unknown individual for US $20.00 before meeting his untimely demise.

The LEC regrets the death of the late Melvin; US $20.00 is not worth dying for. That is why the LEC condemns Power theft and is calling on those involved to desist from such ugly practice.

The LEC advises those involved in this unwholesome practice to see the death of the late Melvin as a warning sign. The act of Power Theft must be condemned by all well-meaning Liberians because this is not the right way to earn a living or get connected to the LEC grid.

Electricity theft is dangerous to the system, the people and to properties and as such must not be encouraged anywhere in our society.

Theft of Power is not only denying the LEC its intended revenue, but it is also affecting our valued customers that are regularly paying their bills and recharging their meters.

Community’s leaders and residents have a big role to play in helping the LEC combat this problem. With the involvement of communities’ members, lives will be safe; properties will be protected from fire outbreak and a reduction in tariff.

Do not allow someone to die in your community because he or she is tampering with the LEC system and do not allow you or your kid(s) to get electrocuted due to poorly connected wires. The LEC is appealing to the general public to please contact these two cell numbers if anyone is discovered tampering with the LEC installation. 0886313301 and 0776075167 or send an email to

The LEC wishes to inform the general public and those desiring of being connected to the LEC grid to please stop contacting unauthorized personnel but go to the LEC Commercial Office located at the LEC Head Office in Waterside to begin the process of obtaining a duly registered meter.