LIBA Boss Stresses Social Enterpreneurship

The President of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), Mr. Dee-Maxwell S. Kemayah said the concept of social entrepreneurship in Liberia is more than a need.

Mr. Kemayah said our people are grossly marginalized due to selfish leaders who overlook the needs of society, and only concern themselves with amassing wealth at the expense of the people.

The LIBA Boss said rather than leaving societal needs to be absolutely addressed by the government, social entrepreneurs find what is not working; and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution and persuading entire societies to move in different directions.

The LIBA President made the assertion when he spoke recently at Young E’nnovative Leaders of Liberia (YELL) fourth Annual Summit held at the Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento, California , the United States of America.

Mr. Kemayah said social entrepreneurs present user-friendly, understandable, and ethical ideas that engage widespread support in order to maximize the number of citizens that will stand up, seize their ideas and implement it.

He further noted that social entrepreneurs are visionaries, but also realists who are ultimately concerned with the practical implementation of their vision.

“The needs of society are numerous and politicians who find themselves in leadership position in a country are often in the right situation to take actions that would make the lives of the people better, but unfortunately, they are often seen prioritizing and implementing programs and projects that benefit the minority, rather than focusing on the general good of the people,” the LIBA Boss said.

Relative to the Liberia Business Association, Mr. Kemayah said, “We atthe LIBA find ourselves in a strategic position to support entrepreneurs who sympathize with the plight of the Liberia People and are inclined to taking action to change the status quo.

Mr. Kemayah said when he assumed the leadership of LIBA on November 18, 2011; his administration’s primary objective was to start a process of strengthening the Liberian owned business community to the level where it can significantly contribute to the Liberian economy and ultimately take control by being the highest and largest tax payers.

Mr. Kemayah who is in his second term as President of LIBA said, “This is a herculean task that will not be achieved in our administration, but all Liberian owned businesses are committed to this vision of taking charge of the Liberian economy.”