Cherishing Liberia, Sierra Leone Relationship

DELIVERING THE 54TH Convocation address at the Cuttington University in Bong County over the weekend, the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mr. Victor Foh described the nature of the enduring relationship and even kinship that have always existed between Sierra Leone and Liberia; how that relationship originated; how well they have served the two countries and how they have been nurtured over the years and brought to fruition.

HE ALSO NARRATED the benefits which both countries and peoples have derived as a result and so many others on both sides of the border have been beneficiaries of that relationship in a number of ways. He said one of the practical realizations of the benefits of such good relationship is the Cuttington University graduation witnessed on Saturday at which an Honorary Doctorate Degree was conferred on him.

THE SIERRA LEONEAN Vice President said most Sierra Leoneans have grown up to regard Liberia as their second home. They have learnt and grown up to know that probably not one single Sierra Leonean is more than one generation away from Liberia, and also probably not one single Liberian is more than a generation away from Sierra Leone.

WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with Vice President Foh on the cordial relationship that exists between our country and Sierra Leone. What we need to sustain this relationship is to look at the outward signs of the friendship existing between our two countries and our two peoples. It is friendship and relationship that go back long, long in time and in history therefore, it must be cherished.

INDEED, THIS RELATIONSHIP has taken a long time to mature in our being and in our ways of doing things. It is that relationship that brings about the wholesome person in us which others admire and, perhaps, even like us or hate us for, depending on the view point taken.

LET US ALL as Liberians and Sierra Leoneans do everything possible to uphold this relationship between our two countries as our people are one people.

WE ALSO CONCUR with VeepFoh that it is that relationship over the years that has placed us in good stead which is mutually beneficial to our two countries and our two peoples. Our hope is that generations after ours may maintain it and even improve upon it.