Maintain, Protect And Utilize The Textbooks

EDUCATION MINISTER, GEORGE Werner, yesterday told the regular Thursday News Conference of the Ministry of Information that his Ministry had distributed one million textbooks to public schools for Grades 5-9 in the four core subjects namely Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.

THE MINISTER ALSO informed the Liberian public that 1.3 million Supplementary Readers were distributed to public schools for Grades 1-4 and noted that along with the textbooks, 20,000 teacher guides were also distributed along with instructional materials including Atlases, Maps, magnets and Globes.

MINISTER WERNER WHOSE reform initiative did receive mixed reactions from the public from the beginning said to ensure the security of the books, the Ministry of Education is working with the Ministry of Justice (M0J).

HE SAID THE Ministry has found out that in a number of schools, enrolment has increased and in others, enrolment has decreased noting that where the number of students was under-calculated, books and materials will be redistributed.

MINISTER WERNER SAID the Ministry of Education is committed to giving each student, from Monrovia to the rural communities in the various counties, the same access to textbooks and other learning materials.

THE BASIC CONCERN here is whether these books will properly be utilized and maintained for the continuous progress of the Liberian Educational system. It is an open secret that issue of such as in the case of these textbooks that were procured by the Government of Liberia (GOL) with the assistance of the country’s development partners can be misused as was in the case with some Ebola materials such as the home treatment kit that did find its way on the Liberian market.

THE BALL IS indeed in the court of the Ministry of Education and that of the Justice Ministry to muster the courage and seriously prevent the sale of these textbooks. Putting a stop to this habit will not only keep these materials safe but also ensure that within the next three years other students will benefit from the rich knowledge contained in these textbooks.

ALREADY THERE ARE reports that some of these books are on the Liberian market thus the two institutions must urgently move using the Liberia National Police(LNP) to stop the sale of these instructional materials. If we must take our educational system from being substandard to standard and properly emancipate the future leaders of our country educationally government and all Liberians must ensure that these materials are protected, well maintained for future use.

THE JOB IS now for all across our country to ensure that the textbooks and other instructional materials procured are safely kept; protected preserved for the education of Liberian children.