Another Land Dispute In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye

The Muslim community dominated by the Mandingo ethnic groups has disrupted a team of surveyors backed by the 8th Judiciary Circuit Court Sheriff in the commercial City of Ganta.   Speaking to this paper in Ganta, the Sheriff of the 8th Judiciary Circuit Court, William G. Layweh, said he was sent by the Court as Sheriff to survey a Land starting from the UBA Bank to the Muslim Mosque presently in dispute and that the case is now before the Circuit Court for hearing.

The Surveyors along with the Sheriff from the Court went to the Police Station in Ganta for rescue on ground that angry Muslim youths obstructed the court order to survey the disputed land.

Land dispute is now on the increase in Ganta since the demolition exercise commenced by the Chinese Road Construction Engineers in Nimba.

Also speaking to this paper in Ganta, the Police County Commander in Nimba, Morris Tinmah, added that the survey will go on and that the headquarters of the LNP have been informed and they were only waiting for the last order.

The Muslim Mosque was among buildings that were demolished by the Chinese Road Construction Engineers with resettlement package attached.

The Nyan Poryour and the Nathan Suah are claiming the Mosque and the UBA Bank as owner of the land where the two buildings are situated in Ganta.

According to report gather by this paper the case is now in the Circuit Court for hearing but tension continues to be mounting over the parcel of land situated in the main street of Ganta.

The Muslim community spokesperson, Musa Jabateh, said the survey is illegal on ground that adjacent parties were not informed about the survey by the Circuit Court and that Muslims living in Nimba are being marginalized by the County Authorities.