Bad Road Affects Traffic In Gardnersville

Trouble has again begun for residents of Gardnersville and abject communities as the rain continues to fall in Monrovia and it environs.

Yesterday was one of the worst days for residents of Gardnersville and its communities as many could not make it to central Monrovia on time to attend to their normal activities as serious traffic erupted on the Somalia Drive.

The torrential rainfall has left the Somalia Drive in a state of deplorable condition thus, preventing commuters and students in the township of Gardnersville from going about their normal businesses. September has so far recorded the highest rainfall since the commencement of the rainy season in Liberia.

On Monday, hundreds of commuters as well as students along the Somalia Drive in the Gardnersville Township were stranded mostly between the Battery Factory community and Stockton Creek Bridge near the Jamaica Road as a result of heavy traffic in the area.

Those coming to central Monrovia to attend to their normal business activities could not break through the traffic thus, leaving many of them to walk to town to get to their offices or business areas on time.

Though the Somalia Drive was temporarily rehabilitated by the Ministry of Public Works few months back to ease the situation on the road, the situation is worsening as there are several potholes along the road. Some of the potholes are again turning to mini-creeks something that is causing serious embarrassment for drivers and commuters in that part of the city.

Government has assured that the Somalia Drive, a Japanese project will begin next month but many residents of that part of Monrovia are yet to be convinced because according to some of them, the news of the project has been around for the past three years without any sign from the contractors.

Yesterday’s traffic jam lasted for several hours before police could intervene and again got the traffic moving. Some commuters got to town by 11:30 A.M. to 12:00 midday while many students were turned away by their administrators because they arrived on campus late.

Meanwhile, residents of Gardnersville are again appealing to the Government of Liberia to ensure that the road project begin so as to ease the difficulties facing them daily. They want government to ensure that the Japanese contractors return to begin the project to stop the hardship.

Nowadays, leaving from the Township of Gardnersville to central Monrovia is about two to three hours as the road is becoming deplorable again. Commercial drivers are overcharging passengers astronomical fairs as a result of the traffic which is being caused by the bad road condition.