Police Begins Probe In Assault Case…Awaits Medical Report

Police Begins Probe In Assault Case…Awaits Medical Report

The Liberia National Police has commenced investigations into the alleged assault by the former Deputy Director of Executive Protection Service T. Darlington George on Esther Glain of Barnesville Estate is ongoing and is being conducted in manner consistent with our criminal investigation practices and standards.

The investigation begun on 17 September 2015, upon suspect Darlington George being handed over to the LNP on 16 September 2015 at 19:29hrs by the Ministry of Justice.

The investigation has obtained statements from both complainants Esther Glain, and suspect Darlington George. The incident scene has been visited on three occasions to find evidence of the encounter and to locate and identify witnesses including visitation to the hospital.

In addition, the investigation acknowledges that complainant Esther Glain is being represented by her lawyer in person of Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods, who has intimated to the investigation that she is resting in continuation of her medical treatment due to the injury sustained.

Meanwhile, the LNP is still awaiting medical report from the medical facility where she is undergoing treatment to determine the extent of the injury sustained and the cause of the injury.

The investigation is exerting efforts to have witnesses of the incident from both parties avail themselves in furtherance of the investigation.