We Demand Accountability For Ebola Vehicles

IT IS COMMON knowledge that in 2014 this country was hard-hit by the Ebola virus, a situation that led to the closure of schools and most government activities stalled as citizens were then focused on how to combat the virus, which claimed the lives of over 4.000 people.

AS THE RESULT of the lack of capacity to contain the virus, and also based on the appeal of the President to the world, many countries including China, the United States and Nigeria graciously made contributions to fight the virus.

IN ADDITION, MANY local organizations including the Lebanese, Fula and Indian communities provided materials including vehicles to the government of Liberia to help combat the spread of the virus.

SOME OF THOSE items and materials were received by the General Service Agency through the Ministry of Health and other Institutions of government to be used in the fight against the virus which cut the country’s pens down.

TODAY, THE COUNTRY can boast of being Ebola free because of those donations and contributions that complimented government’s efforts. However, there are indications about the whereabouts of some of those donated vehicles.

IN AN INTERVIEW with reporters, the head of GSA, Madam Mary Broh said the Agency recorded 317 vehicles to be used for the fight against the virus but records from recent audit shows a lesser number of vehicles and the remaining ones cannot be accounted for.

THE GSA BOSS also disclosed that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) gave 82 vehicles to the government to enhance the fight against the virus but the status of those vehicles is yet to be determined noting that no one can give account for them.

INDEED IT IS saddened to note that some of these vehicles donated to fight the virus, are yet to be accounted for. The government through the GSA should do everything to ensure that those vehicles which are yet to be accounted for; should be accounted for to send a positive signal to the donors.

WE ARE NOT pointing accusing fingers at anyone or government institutions. Perhaps, it is because of proper record keeping and lack of coordination or because of the intensity of the virus as it was claiming more lives when the donations were made that has caused the lack of accountability.

NOW THAT THE country is Ebola-free and that there is sigh of relief, everything should be done to properly account for those donated vehicles. This is indeed necessary as the country tries to improve its ranking or rating about countries that have made stride against corruption, accountability and transparency.

AS IT IS said, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Therefore, the government MUST act now for proper accountability!