“We Are Disappointed”…Darlington George Legal Team Asserts

“We Are Disappointed”…Darlington George Legal Team Asserts

The Legal team of dismissed Deputy Director of the Executive Protective Services (EPS) has sharply reacted to the dismissal of their client.

In a release issued yesterday in Monrovia, the legal team of Mr. George headed by Cllr. Arthur Johnson said they are disappointed with the, irregularities characterizing the investigation of their client, Deputy Director for Administration of the EPS, Mr. Darlington George who was appointed by President Sirleaf and confirmed by the Liberian Senate and Commission by the President.

According to the legal team, Mr. George was subjected to a criminal investigation as a common criminal without exhausting the administrative procedure of due process which include a hearing by the board of inquiry and ethics of the EPS, and administrative hearing and procedure to determine as to whether or not he can be scraped of his executive immunities.

“To have had him detained and placed in communicado and without the right to telephone calls violates the doctrine of Presumption of ignorance under the Constitution of Liberia,” Cllr. Johnson said.

He added that for the president to have subjected Mr. George to a formal criminal investigation, in the absence of administrative due process is an affront to the office of the presidency.

Meanwhile, the legal team of Mr. Darlington has announced that it is filing a petition for the rate of Habeas Corpus against the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia National Police.