NOCAL Proceeds With Redundancy Plan

The Interim Management Team of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) remains committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees during the implementation of the entity’s Sustainable Action Plan (SAP) which was recently approved by NOCAL’s Board of Directors and endorsed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The SAP calls for a company-wide reduction in NOCAL’s workforce by the end of September and the restructuring of the company. Employees from all levels of the company will be affected by the exercise.

To ensure compliance with all relevant provisions of the Labor Practices Law, the Interim Management team has contacted and is working closely with the Ministry of Labour (Ministry) representatives for advice and guidance. The Ministry has advised NOCAL to evoke Regulations No. 8 of the Labor Practices law in proceeding with the Redundancy of employees. NOCAL has also been informed by the Ministry that it has met all the initial requirements for the Redundancy.

The restructuring plan, as endorsed by the President of Liberia, included the payment of severance to all affected NOCAL employees. The Interim Management team is working diligently with all relevant stakeholders to ensure the availability of funds for the redundancy payments. NOCAL employees have also been notified of the pending downsizing exercise and informed that all separation payouts toemployees will be computed according to the Liberian Labor Law.

NOCAL is also committed to the continuation of support of all students that currently participate in NOCAL’s domestic and international scholarship programs. NOCAL’s Management has confirmed with the relevant institutions that the corporation is responsible for the payment of tuition and fees for NOCAL scholarship students. To that end, all NOCAL scholarship students have registered or going through the registration process for the current semester.