Cellcom Announces Free “scratch 2 Ride” Program

Cellcom Announces Free “scratch 2 Ride” Program

At a program held at the Mamba Point Hotel and graced by several dignitaries including the Minister of Transport, the Deputy Minister of Education, and the Managing Director of the National Transit Authority (NTA), the Management of Cellcom Telecommunications unveiled a new initiative to ease the transportation burden on parents and students in Monrovia.

The new program named “Scratch2Ride” will enable purchasers of Cellcom’s new and specially designed $2 scratch cards to take two free bus rides on NTA routes in Monrovia. Unveiling the new program, Cellcom’s Chief Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks said that the new program followed Cellcom long standing commitment to being a good corporate citizen and supporting advancement and development in Liberia. He said Cellcom was particularly keen on advancing education of Liberian students and narrated Cellcom’s long commitment to creating innovative promotions geared at providing access and strengthening Liberia’s education system. He listed Cellcom’s major drop in the prices of its 4G packages as well as introducing affordable internet devices and support for the Inter High School debate competition as a few of the ways Cellcom was striving to support education in Liberia.

Weeks said that the Management of Cellcom was always looking at ways to relieve burdens on the Liberian people and considering that transportation had become a major issue especially with the reopening of schools, Cellcom in partnership with the NTA had come up with a program to address this issue.   “We know that it is costly and a strain on the average Liberian to transport their kids to and from school every day, so the best way we could contribute to easing this burden is through the launch of this new “Scratch2Ride” initiative,” Weeks told the gathering.

All of Cellcom’s new $2 “Scratch2Ride” scratch card will include two free bus tickets that will allow customers to take two rides free of charge on any NTA bus in Monrovia.   Weeks said that to ensure transparency, Cellcom had also employed special conductors who would be assigned to the busses to collect the free bus pass tickets.   He elaborated that in addition to the free rides, teams of Cellcom personnel would board NTA busses daily and anybody who came on that bus and retained the stub from their free ride ticket would have the chance to receive a wide range of prizes including tablets, phones, scratch cards and other promotional items. Said weeks: “We want to make the NTA bus rides even more exciting for commuters. Imagine being a student and after getting a free bus ride somebody from Cellcom gives you a brand new tablet or other prize simply because you retained your ticket stub proving that you rode the bus for free.”

Making remarks at the occasion, the Deputy Minister of Education for Instruction Dr. Rommelle Horton praised the Management of Cellom and noted that the program would be a significant relief for hundreds of students across Monrovia.     The Minister of Transport Hon. Angela Cassell Bush noted that Cellcom’s Scratch2Ride program would have a major impact on two of the areas that was a priority for the President and the Liberian Government.   “Both education and transportation are key issues that are a priority for the Government and we salute Cellcom for taking this initiative which addresses these two key areas,” said Minister Bush.

For his part the Managing Director of the National Transit Authority Mr. Tarnue Jeke said that his entity was pleased to be a partner in progress with Cellcom.   In his remarks, Mr. Jeke said: “Cellcom has been a partner with us for more than three years now and when the issue of easing the transportation burden on students came to a forefront, we knew that they were the one company we could work with to come up with a solution.   They took a random idea and have created it into a beautiful and incredible program.”